My Projects


The Great Awakening

The deranged Super Mutant, Atlas the Enlightened, has been building a nuke with the intention to blow up the Commonwealth. It is up to the player to stop him from doing so

Solo project made in Creation Kit for Fallout 4

Time Motion

A level in which the player uses cubes and special tiles to progress through to the end

Solo project made in Unreal Engine 5

Clock's Ticking

Dr. Zere is treating a small family that has been bitten, and they are starting to turn. But Dr. Zere doesn’t have any antizin on him. The player must travel to a quarantined lab and grab the antizin needed to save their lives

Solo project made in Dying Light Developer Tools


Kneedle Knight

Kneedle Knight is a 3D platforming puzzle game in which players utilize a magic needle to make their way through an evil witch’s magical castle

Team project made in Unreal Engine 5


An arcade kart racing game where players dash around as divers racing on a variety of fish

Team project created in Unreal Engine 5